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Page from 1917 exhibition checklist, showing the list of prominent modern artists involved in the Society of Independent artists.
Title page from the "First Annual Exhibition," 1917.
Cover image from the inaugural exhibition's checklists.
"Images from the collection of Mrs. Mabel Dodge Sterne."
Cover image for 1920 exhibition catalogue.

Works displayed in the 1921 exhibition.
Title page from the 1921 exhibition checklist.

Page from 1922 checklist, shows the Society's adherence to placing no emphasis on the placement of items in the exhibition: "The exhibition is hung in alphabetical order, beginning at the entrance with the letter X which was drawn by lot."

Title page Loan Exhibition: Portraits of Women and Children Painted by the Great Early English Masters.

Landscape with Cattle, loaned by the Tafts for a later exhibition at Scott & Fowles.
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