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"Whistler as Etcher," by Joseph Pennell. A selection of three pages outlining Whistler's experience as an etcher.
Complete catalog for 1916 exhibtion of etchings by Joseph Pennell, including a number of depictions of New York. The catalog includes hyperlinks to examples of the works shown in the exhibition.
Cover image for the 1893 exhibition checklist.
Explanation of the prizes that will be handed out for the 1904 exhibition.
Cover image for the 1913 Annual Exhibition checklist.
Page from the 1913 exhibition checklist, indicating that year's prizewinners. Helen M. Turner was awarded the National Art Prize, for "the best work in the exhibition."
Page from the 1913 exhibition checklist showing two works by Helen M. Turner.
Two etchings, The Rag Gatherers & La Marchande de Moutard, by Whistler.
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